At Desolation Press, we occasionally produce something that may add meaning or purpose to people's lives. We also like to vent once in a while.

Use the links below to access content that provokes thought or presents an argument we think has merit.

Not Just Another Silk Purse
Restoring the integrity of the Electoral process

Request for Protective Order
Restraining Order for Stephen Bannon

Another Modest Proposal
On the control of assault weapons

No More Lonesome Rhodes
Trump, the Media and the Electoral Process

Another Pile of Rotting Teddy Bears
Threat Assessment and School Violence

Show Us All of the Cards
Supervisory Information and the CFPB Complaint Database

Lost in the Supermarket
Response to Comments posted by the Mercatus Center

Limited Credibility
Response to criticism of the CFPB database content

Reclaim Your Equity
What comes after a short sale or foreclosure

All the Marbles
On Private Debt and Public Recovery

Independent Foreclosure Review
Testimony regarding the foreclosure process.

Foreclosure Testimony Template
Tell your foreclosure or short sale story to Congress.

Six Out of Every Seven Dollars
Where do your mortgage dollars go?

Occupy Wall Street: The Return of Mr. Jones
Thoughts on a mass movement for justice.

Post Modern Class Warfare
Reflections on the decline of our socio-economic state.

REDDI or Not, Here They Come
On the perils of amateur law enforcement.

Tiny Zelda
Elegy for a Grand Madame.

Requiem for a Manic Hero
On the legacy of Robin Williams.

More to come ...